Facebook Live is our new BFF

Girls. Are you following along in our VIP group these days? About two to three weeks ago we started a new thing and everyone is LOVING it! We are holding LIVE auctions in that group and everything is ready to ship immediately after the auctions end! Wholesale pricing, 30-45 second bid times and lots of laughter make these a must-watch!

Our Wednesday/Friday auctions begin at 2cst and we have clothing in all sizes, jewelry, bags, shoes, accessories and more! That auction lasts up to two hours so just pop on whenever you can! On Tuesday we will have our very first MINI auction at 11cst so be sure to watch if you have a little one to shop for! Today was our first ALL SMALL auction…everything was size Small! We always have that size leftover so it only seems fitting to have an auction devoted to clearing out “one-offs” of those things. The ALL SMALL auctions will be at 11am on Thursdays.

We have a full week in the VIP group with our First Dibs Sale on Sunday, (all new sale is Monday on the main PDA FB wall) and Live Auctions are Tuesday-Friday. If you aren’t in the group..hurry over there to join!


So, Are We Just Not Gonna Do Winter This Year?

Y,all. The high today is 30 degrees in our neck of the woods (West Texas)…..on Monday the high is 75. This bipolar weather is actually pretty typical for our city, and mind you winter doesn’t usually find us until February anyway. But with all of this back & forth how’s a girl supposed to know how to dress?? Christmas is over, so buying winter boots and sweaters seems a little weird, but Spring just feels wildly out of reach right now so I must shun all things bright and floral! It’s a weird time. We get it. We’ve come up with a solution…

Yeah. That’s right. DO WHAT YOU WANT. We’re tired of over-thinking it, so if we want that cute shearling vest, we’re gonna buy it. If we want that peach floral top, we’re gonna buy that too, ’cause Lord knows I’ll probably get to wear them in the same week the way things are going!

With that in mind, we have a killer sale album scheduled for y’all tonight on our Facebook page! Some short sleeves, some long sleeves, some sweaters, some short dresses…you get the idea. Just buy whatever you think is cute. To make it easier, we’ll post a discount code at 8:40pm on our Facebook Page! Don’t miss it!

Fashionably Yours,


Holiday Countdown!

This is it, girls! We only have 11 days until Christmas so if you’ve been dragging your feet then start hustling! We have so many great items for you in our Facebook Sale TONIGHT! Several are in stock & ready to ship, and more will ship this week in time for Christmas! Here are some of our super fun selections…


We also have a great little Holiday Section we’ve put together on our website with home decor, gift options and clothing! Today thru Thursday (the 15th) you can take an additional 20% off already discounted items with code JINGLE20. All Holiday Sale items will ship tomorrow!

If you haven’t glanced at our Facebook Page lately, we’re doing a fun 12 Days of Christmas giveaway! All you have to do is share, comment and tag your friends for your chance to win 12 amazingly great items! We’ll announce the winners on Sunday, December 18th so you still have plenty of time to go enter for each day!

We can’t wait to see you TONIGHT at 8:45cst for our Facebook sale! Get the kids to bed, pour yourself a glass of cozy, and get ready to shop!

Fashionably Yours,


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas….

Happy Thursday, PDAers! We have an amazing sale planned for you TONIGHT on our Facebook Page. Everything is in stock, and ready to ship! No waiting, no worrying! So make your list, and check it twice because tonight you’re shopping from the couch – how nice!

Since many of you aren’t local, you never get to see our storefront! We have an amazing group of ladies that slave all day and deserve raises work hard to keep the store, and the website running. Lately we’ve been scurrying to and fro working local holiday shows! Here’s part of our team at Lubbock Holiday Happening last month….


Awwww, aren’t we cute? Shows can be hard running the store with a skeleton crew, and differing from our usual responsibilities, but we LOVE seeing our customers have a blast shopping!


Our Pink, Blue & White PDA Tree! Don’t you love all the Melissa & Doug Toys scattered around it?? Melissa & Doug make the cYUTEest stuff, and we’ve loaded up for the holidays. Shop our collection here!


…here’s a glimpse of our front window display! Lots of sparkle, and Holiday cheer! We have so many fun Christmas shirts perfect for a casual holiday party, or dressed up for work. Shop our Christmas Shirts here!

As you can see WE are ready for Christmas – ARE YOU?!? Shop our SALE TONIGHT at 8:45cst to load up on gifts for yourself or your loved ones!

Fashionably Yours,


Buy These Two Things for EVERYONE On Your List! #done

Happy Thursday, girls! I hope you all survived Halloween – my household is struggling through Day 3 of a candy detox right now. I mean, you have to draw the line somewhere, right? And now that we’ve gotten that out of the way we can shamelessly dive head first into Christmas! Only 51 days until Hanukkah & Christmas!! And yes we realize that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, and while we love Turkey Day we’re not particularly fond of cornucopias or nondescript ‘fall’ pumpkins, so forgive us for skipping straight to the 9th inning (a lil baseball reference for all of our Cubs fans out there)! Now onto this week’s TOP SELLERS!

The Monogrammed Sherpa Pullover


BY FAR the item we’re most excited about this week (and this season) is our Sherpa Pullovers! Made of incredibly soft fleece, these jackets are softer than a widdle baby lamb. They have a great length to them (click the pic to view full product details), and generous sizing. Y’all, these are THE HOTTEST THING right now, and other websites are charging as much as $99! We have the exact same jacket for just $55 and that includes a monogram! Say whaaaa?? You can choose from block or script font, and you’ll get Free Shipping with your order too. HELLO CHRISTMAS GIFTS! These are a no brainer, and we promise the recipient will fall in love with it. We have limited quantities in each color, so move fast before they’re gone! Click the pic to buy!

P.S. We don’t know why the “E” in the word White decided to jump down to the next line like that….maybe he’s been day drinking? We can’t be entirely sure…..


The Krissy Poncho


Another freaking fabulous Top Seller this week has been our Krissy Poncho! Thin black & cream stripes give this poncho such a flattering look! Wear it with our High Waist Landry Leggings, or your best skinny jeans. We love how the peep toe booties in the middle pic really dress it up for a nice night out! To get this look try our Meeka Booties! This poncho is one size fits most, and will fit anywhere from a Small to XL….it’s like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Poncho, lol. At just $32 you’ll hate yourself if you don’t get one! And since it’s one-size it makes an easy gift! LOVE. Click the pic to buy!

We kept the list narrowed this week because we just feel really, crazy, fiercely passionate about these two incredible items!! We’ve fallen in love with them, and we know you will too!

We’ll release a special discount code for these items TONIGHT at 8:45cst on our Facebook Page. We’ll also post our Top Seller Album so you can shop the rest of this week’s HOTTEST items! Don’t miss it!

Fashionably Yours,


Aztec & Stripes & Fur – OH MY!

Fall is in the air, ladies! The Gilmore Girls trailer just came out, I took my kid to a Halloween carnival at our local science museum this morning, and we’re currently listening to Christmas music in our office #sorrynotsorry ‘Tis the season to start shopping! This week’s Top Seller are definitely items you’ll want for yourself, AND great gift options as well!

The Fall Aztec Tunic


The Fall Aztec Tunic. DUH. I mean, it’s a gorgeous blend of Turkey Tones, has a great loose fit to it, AND it’s Aztec print….. no brainer. The model pic is cute, but don’t you think this would look amazing with some ankle booties and a fringe purse (like our Chloe Bag)?!?!? LOVE. Y’all know we’re all about those pieces that can be accessorized for any occasion which is exactly why we’re Jonesing over this cozy dress! Wear it to family dinner, church, work or drinks with friends (not necessarily in that order)! Click the link to buy!

Pockets & Stripes Sweatshirt


Ok, whoa. We knew we loved this cute lil striped sweatshirt, but y’all L-O-V-E-D this lil striped top! The cowl neck can also be worn as a hood (hello!), and the luxe terry material will make you want to live in this thing. Seriously, SO comfy. Pair this with boyfriend jeans and a cute bootie for a fun, casual look. Once it gets colder, layer it with an olive jacket for maximum warmth! The best part? This will easily transition into Spring and Summer for those chilly mornings! Click the pic to buy!



Seriously, this fur trimmed cardy is SO major! A little bit boho, and a little bit bougie mixes together for the ultimate statement piece! We love this with skinnies and ankle boots (as shown), but it will look just as amazing over a plain white tee, and our Bentley Boyfriend Jeans! $49 is an awesome price for this, and with generous sizing it’s an easy gift to give too! I would DIE if I unwrapped this on Christmas day…but that’ll never happen because my husband has no style, and just doesn’t “get it”, so I’ll just buy it for myself thankyouverymuch. Click the pic to buy!

I know this week is probably crazy busy for all of you with Halloween parties, and standing in line to vote (GO VOTE!), but don’t miss out on this week’s awesome items! SO much cuteness, and it’s selling FAST!

We’ll announce a promo code TONIGHT at 8:45cst when we post the Top Seller Album on our Facebook Page!

Fashionably Yours,




The BIG Reveal….

I have been SO excited about our “Big Reveal” and what’s behind it…I can’t even tell you! First for the big surprise…then a little back-story for those of you who love the “details” in things.


Yep. You got it. We are crazy. We are going to be offering Monograms on as many things as we can! Clothing, Gifts and More! Just in time for Christmas shopping! Who doesn’t LOVE a monogram? I know I do!

Now, a little back-story for you if you haven’t been with us since the wee early days.I started this business in 2007, in my one bedroom apartment. I was a teacher by day…working night-owl by night. When I got married, it moved into my husband’s extra garage. Big move…believe it or not. At that time I wasn’t selling Women’s Clothing..it was ALL custom. Towel Wraps, Return Address Stamps, Custom Plates and Place-mats, Monogrammed Backpacks and Lunchboxes…you name it. I was the sole employee and I did it all. I worked A LOT and I had no kids at that time…it was doable.

Cut to 2012. I was working from home and had a baby. I started doing twice weekly Facebook sales. Yes I know, what store DOESN’T do that now?! That’s what you’re thinking, right? Well, back then…not many did. We “got in” early. Business EXPLODED. We started carrying women’s clothing and within two years we moved into a warehouse. Then another warehouse. Then built a store. Then a house. Then added on another baby…this time one that had a multitude of medical needs and required round-the-clock care. It was a BUSY two years. Around late 2014, we stopped offering our Monogrammed items. It was just TOO much. I honestly just didn’t have the time, and we were (and are) still a fairly small company.

Cut to 2016. We still have that store and we added yet ANOTHER baby in August. (Yes I am tired. Yes I am crazy. But BOY am I blessed)! Here’s the thing…I MISS the monograms! All of it! I enjoy using my “creative brain” and the rest was becoming “work”. I NEEDED it all to come back.  I design every plate and place-mat myself, and I LOVE IT! I design the Gift Tags and the Calling Cards. The Clipboards and the gifts. I love finding new great lines to offer, like our PSA Essential Stamps we brought back and a great new line..Boulevard. (You will LOVE their bags and accessories!) I MISSED Moon and Lola and the stunning monogram necklaces. I missed the custom Otterbox Cases…(those will go live next week). We love our Drink-ware with Monograms and our gorgeous Stationery.  It’s ALL coming back! Well…almost all….

That brings me to my beloved Towel Wraps. The baby that started it all! We WILL bring those back. I PROMISE you…we will bring them back. I would be nothing today without my precious wraps..ha! But here is the skinny on that….those suckers take some time. Mama doesn’t have the time to sit at a sewing machine like I used to. (Oh the good ole days…working in my garage til 3am with Dr.Pepper and Lifetime movies and no babies waking me up). Okay, okay…the babies are worth it. But…no time for towel wraps just yet. Once I find someone who has the skill and time to make those for us…they will be BACK! Promise!

So, we hope you will love all of our “new” items! Great gifts, Stationery, Drink-ware, Dinnerware, School Essentials, Monogrammed Clothing and Accessories…all of it!
Thanks for being part of the PDA family…when you order with us you help feed my babies…so THANK YOU!


Here are the links to just SOME of what we have added…more will be added daily over the coming weeks:
Monogrammed Jewelry, Ornaments, Mugs and Sunglasses: http://www.thepolkadotalley.com/search?q=moon+%26+Lola


Corkcicle Tumblers and Canteens(Make sure to Add the Monogram Product): http://www.thepolkadotalley.com/search?q=corkcicle
Vinyl Monogram (for your Corkcicle or anything else you want one for!): http://www.thepolkadotalley.com/products/monogram
Gorgeous Bags, Totes, Bag Tags, Dopp Kits and More with Gold Monograms: http://www.thepolkadotalley.com/search?q=boulevard
Want to see it all? Just go to our SEARCH bar and type in Monogram! You will see SO much more!
Have Fun Shopping…and use the discount code MONOGRAM to save 10% OFF all orders through the end of the day Tuesday!!!

Second Verse, Same as the First.

It’s Thursday, y’all! And you know what that means – TOP SELLERS! There were SO many cute things in this week’s Facebook sale we had a lot of Top Seller material to choose from. Honorable mentions go out to our Outer Banks Boots and Missy Hoodie – both insanely popular, but do to my current lack of creativity did not make the cut. I mean, I’ve gotta think of something to say about all of this cute stuff, and I spent all morning at the Dr with my kid, and ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat, so we’re gonna talk about some other amazing products, mmmkay? Here we go!

Jamie’s Aztec Top & The Cameron Cardy


Holy Aztec Print, Batman! You ladies spoke loud and clear when we debuted these two pieces! Definitely our top two best sellers this week. On the LEFT we have Jamie’s Aztec Top – so soft and easy to wear! The Aztec print wraps all the way around the back (just the sleeves, pouch and trim are grey) giving this top a super fun splash of color and style! You can dress it up with skinnies and riding boots, BUT we’re ready to rock this with our hair in a ball cap, and our favorite sneakers on our feet. Hello comfort! Do me a favor…..walk to your closet, and pull out that hoodie. You know the one – the cheap one you bought on vacation in Yellowstone, or that lumpy sweater your great aunt got you from her trip to Maine complete with a lighthouse & lobster on it…..now BURN it. See? Now you need a new sweatshirt! Buy the Jamie Aztec Top.

On the RIGHT we have The Cameron Cardy – we’re obsessing over this gorgeous, boho cardigan! It’s 65% Wool so it’s perfect for the upcoming colder weather. We’re picturing this over a plain, white t-shirt and boyfriend jeans for a great casual outfit, OR over a cute, little black dress (as pictured) for a night out. Such a great statement piece, and a steal at just $36! Seriously, you will pay double for this sweater elsewhere. Buy it before it’s gone!



No one can resist the allure  of a long, soft cardigan. NO ONE. And why would you even want to stop yourself when they’re so cute and easy to wear?!? Available in Taupe & Charcoal, this is a great way to add a light layer to your ensemble, or cover up your booty in some tight pants, amiright?? It’s a little bit fuzzy, and really just makes me want to leave work, and go snuggle up on the couch with a glass of wine. We can’t really give you any sort of sound advice on which color to pick, because we’re in love with both. Just get both colors, and thank us later.

Sequins & Spots Top


WOWZA! You girls love your leopard print! …who are we kidding? SO. DO. WE. This baseball style sweatshirt top is hitting the spot (see what I did there??)!! And that gold sequin pocket?!? STOP IT! You know those girls who always look effortlessly fabulous, with hair that’s teased *just enough* and accessories that are always on point? This top makes us feel like that girl. Is “casual chic” an actual term? Because if not it needs to be created for this top! We’re loving it over distressed jeans (on the right), and it can be worn with brown OR black shoes! WINNING! This top is selling SUPER fast, so click here to buy or you might miss out!

For tonight, we’re going to post all of our top sellers in an album on our Facebook page at 8:45cst. Once the album is posted, there will be a comment from us on how you can get 15% off your next order! I promise it will be super easy, so check our Facebook page TONIGHT!

Fashionably Yours,



Layla, Landry & Creek Leggings (and why you need all three!)


True statement! Ok girls, today’s tutorial is about tights/leggings, and why you  definitely need several pairs to get yourself through the Fall & Winter! Not all leggings are created equal, but they all have a purpose. Here are our top three legging styles, and our favorite ways to wear them!


Our first item on the docket is our basic Layla Leggings. These are lightweight, mid-rise, mostly non-sheer tights. If you throw on a pair of hot pink, zebra striped panties underneath them I can’t promise they won’t show through a little….I mean, they’re awesome, but they’re not magic. LOL. We love these tights under tunics and fitted dresses because they’re not bulky! Fleece-lined leggings are God’s greatest creation can add a little ‘weight’ under certain fabrics, and garments. The Layla Leggings will wear seamlessly under your clothes, and give you nice coverage. On top of that, they’re only $12! One size fits most // Click the pic to buy!


Next up is our Landry Leggings, and unlike the Layla Leggings, these are ANYTHING but basic. A lot of you probably read my previous post where I shimmied myself into these sexy faux leather leggings (all for the sake of fashion!). These are definitely for the girl who loves to make a big impression with her outfit! We love that they can be downplayed under longer tunics and ponchos, but these babies were made to SHINE! They’re perfect for a night out on the town with with your girlfriends, or a spicy date night! At just $24, these are an awesome investment for any girl who likes to have fun. Much cheaper than a new dress, or pair of jeans and more versatile! Available in Small, Medium and Large // Click the pic to buy!


And finally, we have our Creek Leggings. Like I’ve mentioned before, these really should be called pants! They’re made of a heavy weight that more closely resemble a riding pant than a legging. We love these more they’re total coverage (and we do mean TOTAL. ain’t no sun shining through these puppies), and high waist. As shown in our collage, they’re perfect to wear with shorter tops that may not fully cover the booty area. The fun ribbed detailing on the thighs is super flattering, and they have a great stretch that kind of ‘sucks it all in’! Did I just kill leg day, or am I just wearing the Creek Leggings?? I don’t know, but don’t my thighs look amazing?? These must-have leggings are only $28!!! Worth every penny. Available in Small, Medium and Large AND we have them in Grey also! Click the pic to buy!

Ladies, when you’re livin’ your life in black leggings 2-4 months out of the year, you’ve got to step up your game, and have a few tricks up your sleeve! These three incredible options will cost you less than $65 all together! Still on the fence? Check our Facebook Page TONIGHT at 8:45cst for an exclusive discount that you won’t want to miss!

Fashionably Yours,




Old Favorites & The Sexiest Mom Pants You’ve Ever Seen

The Bold Leopard Kimono *RESTOCK*


Y’ALL! We literally CANNOT keep this kimono in stock! Demand has been so high, our supplier is re-making them just for us! Sizes are going quickly for our November shipment so act fast if you’ve had your eye on this! Leopard has become a timeless look when done tastefully, and our BOLD Leopard Kimono nails it! The far left image is our, the center image is the same piece (in a different color) shown off with the classic white tee and jeans. Other looks we love include this denim on denim pairing and keeping it flirty an all black/shorts combo! This kimono runs loose & flowy in true kimono style, and is certainly a look anyone can wear! How will you wear yours?? Click the pic to buy!

The Creek Leggings


When I saw these trendy, ‘moto’ style leggings I’ll admit I was intrigued, but hesitant. I talked to our owner Ashley and it went something like this:
Me: How do I even describe these leggings? Are they, like…ribbed? What do you call that side panel?

Ashley: Call it a ‘flattering side detail’

Me: There’s no such thing as a ‘flattering side detail’! It’s like a ‘look at my saddlebags’ panel!

So needless to say, when these leggings arrived, y’all know I HAD to try them on! MAN, was I in for an awesome surprise! These have style, comfort and YES! A flattering side detail! I wouldn’t even consider these leggings, but a sleek pant with a comfy wide waistband that tucked in all my mom bits in all the right places. They’re a rayon/nylon/spandex blend (so not even a little bit sheer!). Wear these just like you would skinny jeans, with a cute top and booties. The close-up pic was brightened to show the detailing, so it washed the color out a bit, but I promise they are solid black. So here I am wearing our Creek Leggings (in Large) this morning with our Plaid Cuff Top, and my coffee because I didn’t know what to do with my hands, haha! Click the pic to buy!

The Olive Fall Hoodie


Our newest Olive Jacket to obsess over, is actually an old favorite! We couldn’t keep this jacket in stock last year, and we’re super excited to bring it back this year! We love the fun plaid patch elbow detail (the inside of the hood is plaid too!), because olive & plaid and a fantastic combo for Fall. They’re like the pb&j of the fashion world. Wear this mid-weight jacket with skinny jeans to avoid a bulky looking outfit, or cinch the drawstring waist to play up your shape! And because we are long-term Gilmore Girls fans, we HAD to include the dreamy Luke Danes in our inspiration collage ’cause guurrrl, he’s been making Olive & Plaid look good for a long time #swoon Click the pic to buy!

Don’t you dare miss out on your chance to win a $50 shopping credit tonight! Head to our Facebook Page to enter, and tune in at 8:45cst TONIGHT for an amazing offer you will definitely want for the Holidays!

Fashionably Yours,