This Week’s Top Sellers (and how to wear them)!

The Bold Leopard Kimono


Leopard has become a timeless look when done tastefully, and our BOLD Leopard Kimono nails it! The far left image is our, the center image is the same piece (in a different color) shown off with the classic white tee and jeans. Other looks we love include this denim on denim pairing and keeping it flirty an all black/shorts combo! This kimono runs loose & flowy in true kimono style, and is certainly a look anyone can wear! How will you wear yours?? Click the pic to buy!

The Quilted Herringbone Vest


There are too many ways to wear this gorgeous vest! It may not initially be the most obvious choice, but we know you’ll fall in love with this comfy staple. Our favorite part? It can be worn with solids, stripes, plaid, black, navy or brown! That’s freaking magic, y’all – it’s like the sisterhood of the traveling vest! At $52 for such a versatile piece is a steal. We promise, you’ll be sorry if you miss out on this one! Click the pic to buy!

The Landry Leggings


OMG, these leggings, y’all. Replacing your regular ol’ black tights with these bad boys is the perfect way to punch up an outfit. We love the look of a cool tee and jacket, or a long tunic if you’d rather cover up. These are the most incredible leggings you will ever find. TRUST US when we say, you can rock this look! And just in case you decide you can’t, we accept returns 🙂 So to prove that you can wear them, I tried them on. Full disclosure y’all, I’m 5’9, 170lbs and I have a 2 year old. My cardio consists of running through the warehouse racks by day, and chasing after a toddler yelling “No, don’t stick that in there!” by night. I tried on a size Large:


…and sorry for cutting off my own head, but….did I mention I have a 2 year old? #messybungettinstuffdone My confidence went THROUGH THE ROOF when I put these on! They totally smoothed out my legs, and felt great on! Click the collage pic above (not my pic) to buy!

The Audrey Top


Last, and certainly not least is our beautiful Audrey Tunic Top! This piece is just to fabulous not to include – the piece on the left is ours, and the other two are similar looks that we love. Anything that we can literally throw on, and still come off looking great always ranks high with us, and the black is so flattering! Dress it down with skinnies and converse, or dress it up with a bold statement necklace, and riding boots. *ahem* it looks great with our Landry Leggings too! Click the pic to buy!

With so amazing items in this weeks sale, it was hard to pick our favorites, BUT you made these 4 our top sellers! TONIGHT at 8:45cst we’ll release an exclusive discount code that can be used site-wide! DON’T MISS IT!

Fashionably Yours,


What Time Is It? GAME TIME.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re in total Football Game Day mode right now. Our home-base is in a major college town (Texas Tech!), and Texans in general have Football fever woven into their DNA! We’re excitedly debuting some AMAZING items for game days, whether they’re on a chilly Friday Night, or a parking lot tailgate on a Saturday afternoon. You can shop our Facebook Sale TONIGHT at 8:45cst, but here are a few of our favorites:

14222081_1212367895452963_2509663625903882380_n  14199289_1212367912119628_5746086853794763106_n     14199647_1212367875452965_8935674893390523294_n  14141896_1212367785452974_1647308286826851673_n

There’s no easier way to say it than putting it on your t-shirt! As much as we love to dress to impress on Game Day, sometimes you’ve just gotta throw on a comfy t-shirt and jeans! ATX Mafia is one of our all-time favorite t-shirt lines, and these new arrivals don’t disappoint! Available in 5 different colors!

5926546_SF-56-5 (1)5926546_SF-56-12 (1)       5926546_SF-56-135926546_SF-56-11

This classic cable knit infinity scarf is a no brainer! Keep it in your car for those unexpectedly cold games, and that perfect pop of team spirit! These are available in 15 different color combos, y’all!


Guess what day it is!!! GUESS. WHAT. DAY. IT. IS! This simple Black & White fashion Sweatshirt gets straight to the point. Dress it up with your favorite accessories in your team’s colors! May we suggest a cable knit infinity scarf??


And just so you didn’t think it was ALL casual Game Day pics tonight, here are a few of our other favorite pieces in the sale! As always, we’ve found the CUTEST easy to wear styles you can find! We can’t wait to show you 🙂 See you tonight at 8:45cst!

Fashionably Yours,



Fall Preview: How to Wear

Y’all, it is HOT here in Texas, and let me tell you….we are ready for Fall! We’re in love with the layering, and this year it’s going to be ALL about the layering! To get your wardrobe started off right, we’ve hand-picked a few things we know you’re going to die for. Some pieces are obvious… like, if I have to explain to you why an Olive Jacket is a MUST then you need a style intervention….NOW. Some pieces may not be so obvious…a poncho? Are we for reals? YES! We trolled Pinterest for some amazing ways to wear pieces from tonight’s sale! Have a little look-see…

The Olive You Jacket:



Miranda-Kerr-showed-off-cool-girl-outfit-complete-printedleopard lookstreet-style-red-scarf-green-jacket

We LOVE how many ways you can wear this jacket! The fact that this looks equally amazing with skinnies as it does over a dress is so awesome. The lightweight makes it perfect for layering over sweaters or pairing with a blanket scarf. And honestly? If it’s good enough for Miranda Kerr, it’s good enough for us.

The Go-To Destroyed Skinny Jeans:




Like the Olive Jacket, a classic pair of tattered denim should be a no-brainer. I love how amazing these jeans look dressed up with a heel, and a nice top! Distressed jeans have become the standard, and these looks prove just how classy they can be!

Natural Button Fringe Poncho:




Ladies, this cream and stripes look is going to be THE TREND this Fall! We can’t get over how great this combo looks! Wear this poncho with leggings and a fitted top underneath to maintain a good shape. We love this look with a messy top knot, and a BRIGHT colored scarf!

The Landry Leggings:




We saved the best for last! I know what y’all are thinking….those are pleather tights….YES. THEY. ARE. And they look SPECTACULAR on all sorts of body types! We love how classy they look on Karlie Kloss, dressed up with a classic trench and sweater; we also love how edgy and hip they look on the model on the far right! Who would’ve though leather leggings could be so versatile?!? And for those of us who don’t like showing off so much of our bum, these will look perfect underneath a longer tunic. These were a top seller for us last year, and this look will be even HOTTER this Fall!

Are you feeling inspired yet?!? Grab yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and head over to our Facebook Page tonight at 8:45cst to shop ALL of these pieces and MUCH more!

Fashionably Yours,


From Work to Play!



When we say “work”, we mean actual work. Like, your work place. Because short of being confined to some kind of uniform, we’re positive The Navy Striped Basic Dress ($30) and the Blondie Dress ($28) will both fit your office dress code! What we love about these dresses is they can be dressed up or down, making them optimal for looking professional behind a desk or super chic behind an evening cocktail!


13627203_1176067525749667_5644433420651510156_n (1) 13645186_1176066965749723_2072466617827206840_n

What we love about The Blanton Dress ($36) and The Festival Maxi Skirt ($49) is the movement they both have! When you walk into a room, these pieces will make a statement of their own! Gorgeous, light and flowy, and The Blanton Dress will make an awesome transition into Fall with Boots and a long cardigan.

Shop ALL of these items and MORE in tonight’s Facebook sale, at 8:45cst!

Happy Shopping, Chicas!


Burn Your Bra! (and wear a Bralette instead)


We, however, are totally fine with that. And tonight’s Facebook Sale is packed with some returning favorites, and adorable newbies! Off the shoulder continues to be a BIG trend this summer…


Let’s all take a moment to mean mug Heidi and Sophia for rocking this trend so perfectly….I mean, that classic blue with the mid-rise jeans?!? STOP IT. So freaking cute, we can’t even stand it. And proof that this look works for any and all ages. Don’t be scared to embrace the trend! We’ll have this top below available in the sale tonight…


On a slightly unrelated note (consistency is for suckers, right?), we’re kind of obsessed with bralettes around The Polkadot Alley. These beauties right here will be on sale TONIGHT at 8:45cst during the Facebook sale! Bralettes really are a lifesaver when you’ve got a top or dress that shows off a little too much of that beige t-shirt bra you’ve been rocking all summer, and they offer a surprising amount of support! Or, y’know, if you’re lounging around the house, sipping wine and doin’ a little online shopping they’re a pretty good choice….just sayin’…

723068ac-ac8f-47b7-bcc7-d41e441c542d (1)

…A couple of weeks ago I turned 33; an old friend of mine (old meaning the length of time we’ve been friends, and not her actual age) asked what I wanted for my birthday. I told her that her presence at my dinner party (if tacos & sangria qualifies as a “dinner party”) was enough. After an enormous eye-roll, she demanded I actually give her some thing she could buy me. So I asked for a new bralette, because I currently only own about fifty a dozen and obviously need one more. Now, this friend of mine is blessed in the bust (can we make that a t-shirt?) and at first had no clue what I was talking about. After some explanation she said she “didn’t know about that life” and we settled on chocolate as a gift #notcomplaining #givemeALLthechocolate

The moral of the story? Be a good friend, and educate yourself on the wonders of the bralette! Sharing is caring, people! Hope to see you all tonight at our Facebook Sale! 8:45cst!


P.S. Join our  VIP group for exclusive offers and discounts!

Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Happy Monday, all you beautiful Polkadot Peeps! We’ve got a big sale planned for you tonight, and real talk? There’s a major off-the-shoulder trend going on right now! All of the celebs have been rocking this look, and it’s a super fun & functional look for summer.

lauren-conrad-summer-wardrobe-essentials-2016-193481-1464134917-promo.300x0c 13417675_1159028370786916_1314475682005050294_na5e412c0ba3670f0e72f068a49670fa1 13418760_1159029627453457_3455109712528215513_n 11116894_1423255831313038_1360279249_n13394017_1159030087453411_4650347398337989671_n

These are just a few of our off-the-shoulder selections in tonight’s Facebook sale, paired with some celeb inspiration! I mean, if it’s good enough for Queen Bey, it’s good enough for me. Join us on our Facebook Page tonight at 8:45cst to get the look!




The Bachelorette, Bras & Brunch

I don’t know about you, but we’re BIG fans of ABC’s hit trainwreck show The Bachelorette here at The PDA! Yes, we know it’s ridiculous. Yes, we know it’s (mostly) staged. Yes, we’re still endlessly entertained by it. Plus, Jojo (this season’s Bachelorette) has been giving us major style vibes…girl’s got some good taste. Or at least a good stylist. #jealous

Last night’s episode found our heroine practicing tantric yoga with a potential suitor (and you thought brunch with your boyfriend’s parents was awkward…speaking of brunch, keep reading for a super sweet giveaway). Homegirl kept her cool though, with the help of her peach criss-cross sports bra. I was like, HOLD UP, we sell that! And hey, we’ve got super cute pants that match it! In honor of Mizz Joelle Fletcher, we’re renaming ours the Jojo Bra Top for tonight’s Facebook Sale, 8:45cst!
piclab (3)piclab (20)

So here’s the deal, if you’re joining us from the Central Timezone, our Facebook Sale is going to start RIGHT in the middle of the rose ceremony. Tonight is the night that Chad will no doubt meat (ha! get it? M-E-A-T) his Bachelorette demise, so if y’all are a little late we understand.

Can we talk about how adorable Jojo and last season’s majorly underrated hopeful, Becca Tilley are? Seriously ladies, can we do brunch sometime? Call us. Speaking of Brunch, I did promise y’all a giveaway so here’s the deal….we’ve got another shipment of our always popular “Brunch So Hard” tank coming in….


This tank gives us LIFE! And we want to give it to YOU – to ENTER TO WIN we want you to answer a question:

What’s your favorite thing to order at brunch?

Click Here to leave us a comment with your answer,  SHARE the post, and pray to the Mimosa gods that you’re the lucky winner! Easy enough? We thought so. Not a brunch fan, or don’t even know what the heck brunch is? Just comment Bagels & Lox……trust us on this one…….Can’t wait to see you ladies shop your hearts out in tonight’s sale, 8:45cst!

-Sarah…PDA’s New Sales & Marketing Manager




Same Awesomeness, New Days…

I am going to try to not be long-winded here…but if you know me you know that I may not succeed. 🙂 I am a talker…it is what it is. Read to the bottom for your 20% OFF Code!

I started this business (my first baby) nearly a decade ago. I started Facebook Sales(Comment Selling) over FOUR YEARS ago. I can hardly believe it has been that long! For over four years we have held sales on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 8:45cst. That worked for everyone, so we never changed it. Cut to my life now…with (as of this August) three children and a 5,000sf store-front….

Every Sunday I work from home, but I am on the computer My oldest (formerly known as Baby Polkadot..insert tear here) has increasingly grown to dislike my work, because I am bringing it home. It’s hard, and all working Mama’s know this. When I created this business, I never could have dreamed that we would be where we are today and I am beyond thankful. I am thankful for our long-time customers and our new customers, and I want us to continue to grow. That being said, I need to balance work and home and also be a present Mama when my babies are home with me. Which brings me to our NEWS!

Sunday Sales are moving to Monday! Not a huge move, but one that will help us all tremendously. As things stand, Sunday’s are hard for sales because we are not in the building to answer your questions about sizing/details on sale days. I can’t call my suppliers for clarification. Monday’s are HECTIC with a million emails and checking with suppliers and all the girls want to make sure you are all answered, so Monday’s are a long day around here. My husband and kids are tired of eating sandwiches and not seeing me on Sunday. The list goes on.:)

With sales being on Monday, we have our full staff on hand to answer your questions all day before you purchase your goods! We can get measurements, etc from our suppliers faster. We can answer emails faster and be on chat all day leading up to the sale. I. CANNOT. WAIT!

Wednesday is also changing up…we are bumping it to Thursday and it will not be our traditional FB sale model. We love our new system and website, but it makes what used to be a one-step process a now four-step process (at best) to create a new Facebook Sale. We will continue to post 20-30 all new items every MONDAY but Thursday night will be all about PDA Looks! PDA Looks are always shown as an ensemble but can be purchased individually…they are ALL ready to ship the week of purchase and they will ALL be discounted in some way! FUN!

We will continue to post new arrivals daily M-F and throw in fun deals and discounts via the VIP page, so make sure to be in that group if you aren’t already!

So, the bottom line.  We are transitioning from Sunday and Wednesday to Monday and Thursday. I could have probably just said that and left it at that, but that’s not the way I roll. So many of you have been here with us since the early days and I like to keep you all in the loop when we make decisions and changes.

We hope you will love the changes and we can’t wait to have our first big MONDAY sale with you all tomorrow at 8:45cst! Tonight however, you can use the code THECHANGE to save 20% on EVERYTHING on the website! Yes…The Alley AND The Mini! Be sure to click that SHOP flag on our home page and if you have little ones you also will want to click on the SHOP THE MINI flag to add some of that to your cart too!

Thanks for being the best customers and friends ever….we love you!



Shop the Mini!

What in life isn’t made more precious by a miniature version of itself? Mini Oreos? Delicious. Mini Cooper? Adorable. Mini Breakdown? …Everyday
But I digress….did you know the Polkadot Alley has it’s own scrumptious little boutique for your kiddos? It’s true! And it’s aptly called The Polkadot Mini. Did you know you can shop the Polkadot Alley, and the Polkadot Mini at the same time? ALSO true! Add items to your cart from either shop, and enjoy Free Shipping with orders of $69 or more.



Girls…we can’t even put into words how thrilled we are to FINALLY be launching our new and improved website! We have literally been working away at this for the better part of the year…hence the SUMMER lookbook…but it is HERE! We will post our Winter Lookbook soon but we just had to show Keely off, she was amazing for our Summer shoot!

Those of you that have been shopping with us for years on the Facebook side will have some changes to get used to..but it will be SO much better! You will still comment on posts when we have sales, and you will still be sent an invoice. The only difference is, you will be directed from that link to our website to pay now! You can just get that one item, or you can keep shopping and add a few other goodies to your shipment!

The other big difference is…you will NOT have 24hrs to pay your invoices anymore…we recommend paying when you get the invoice because if someone pays before you, the item may be gone by the time you go to pay.  This will help ensure that the customers that truly want the items get them!

The other REALLY good news is that when you sign-up for an account on our website you earn points with every purchase…so you will start earning loyalty bucks to use! You can also earn points by sharing the site with friends, so be sure to check out our referral program!

All details for Returns, INCLUDING the RMA form, can now be found on our FAQ page! No more confusion on how to handle returns

The BEST part? We have a LIVE CHAT feature on both our website AND Facebook page! If you are on a computer you will see the Chat box in the bottom right corner of your page when on our website, you have to go to the tabs to find that on our Facebook page. Marley and Ericka are running chat from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday!

We know these changes will take some getting used to, but we hope that you will LOVE our improvements and we can’t wait to expand even more in 2016!